Helping companies achieve continuous improvement, performance measurement,
success criteria definition, and critical self-evaluation.

The Fennimore Group transcends visioning, strategy, design, operations, technology, implementation, and project execution in helping brilliant companies in attaining true excellence.
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Do you need the immediate support of a seasoned staffer, but don't have several months to deal with training?

How about taking yesterday's conference room pilot and implementing it free of internal agendas or constraints?

Do you need a far reaching operating solution driven to completion in a couple of months, instead of years?

You know the problem: a project that takes so long to complete the organization has forgotten why it was launched in the first place! That’s why we’re here. The Fennimore Group delivers improved profitability and best-in-class customer deliverables. Our exceptional team consistently reviews and analyzes today’s market: not only trends and activities, but also technology including how, where, and when certain software should or shouldn’t be engaged. We apply our processes and philosophies as well as years of experience and continued successes to bring companies the improvements they need to thrive.

We provide cost effective operating solutions for businesses caught up in the speed of today's business challenges. We focus on driving out waste, inefficiency, and all inhibitors to flawless operating execution. We have distinguished ourselves in a rapid and dynamic marketplace. Our organization has proudly served companies within manufacturing, distribution, automotive, medical, retail, communications and consumer product areas, just to name a few. We've also helped organizations exit Chapter 11 as well as enabling start-up companies and new divisions to quickly build their optimal infrastructure, accelerating the speed to market readiness. Click here to see how we do it.

The Fennimore Group resources include leadership in:
•  Change Management
•  Process Management
•  Manufacturing
•  Retail
•  Distribution
•  Business Plan Implementation
•  Contract Assignments for Subject Matter Specialist Roles
•  Business Process Re-engineering
•  Global Trade Management and Government Compliance

Our keys to success: helping companies achieve continuous improvement, key performance measurement, success criteria definition, and critical self-evaluation.

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The Fennimore Group Delivers
The Fennimore Group provides change management leadership in designing and deploying best practices within Supply Chain Operations Management that include:

Supply Chain
Global Trade Compliance
Integrated Production Planning

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