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The Fennimore Group transcends visioning, strategy, design, operations, technology, implementation, and project execution in helping brilliant companies in attaining true excellence.
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Site Selection/Manufacturing Startup Case
Site Selection/Manufacturing Startup: Created, designed and implemented multi-million dollar North American Supply Chain Material Management process for "Greenfield" Mexico and Latin America automotive industry assembly plants, including aftermarket service parts infrastructure.

Benefit: New facility was operational in 18 months growing new vehicle market share over 450% within the first two years of operation.

Organization Engineering Case
Organization Engineering: Led the reengineering and market development plans of a major North American logistics operating group improving asset utilization and improved financial efficiencies (cash-to-cash cycle).

Benefit: Receivables shrank from 75 to 21 days, work streams simplified, profitability improved 28%, and gross revenues increased ten-fold.

Strategic Sourcing Case
Strategic Sourcing: Reduced logistics spend over $57 million annually for a leading U. S. agricultural supplement and food processor.

Benefit: 9% reduction in supply chain activity, producing a 13% improvement in net profitability.

Lean Manufacturing Case
Lean Manufacturing: Created and deployed a simplified internal process and end-to-end solution from material signal through assembled vehicle for a major North American truck manufacturer. Served as principal architect of process, behavior, and technology applications creating reduced cost of operations and revenue enhancement strategies.

Benefit: Quarterly cost reductions of 12 to 24% while enhancing revenue.

Logistics Case
Logistics: Major U.S. LTL carrier asset fleet rationalization with zero loss of tonnage, customers, or revenue.

Benefit: A one time conversion of 22% of the company's fixed assets to cash, resulting in an improvement of 11% on their reported Operating Ratio.

Merger Acquistion Case
Merger Acquisition: North American supply chain network optimization of the world's fourth and sixth largest fuel producing companies after merging.

Benefit: $940 million a year reduction in cost through the combination of facility closures, consolidations, restructured supply lines, and carrier realignments.

Governmental Compliance Case
Governmental Compliance: Designed and managed NAFTA customs compliance for imported components, and export of finished product from South America. Lead implementation of Brazil customs and tariff compliance and material operating logistics around best economic and process models for a Tier One automotive supplier.

Benefit: In-country operating cost cut by 35%.

Technology Case
Technology: B2B e-Commerce application strategy transformed Tier One automotive suppliers and OEM's into a collaborative electronic marketplace. Work included Strategic Sourcing, Strategy Transformation, Network Optimization, Cost Reduction Campaigns and Supply Chain Transformation.

Benefit: Streamlined supply chain order processing, fulfillment and delivery application with a 60% reduction in the time to deliver and a 22% reduction in the cost of the items included in the collaborative marketplace. Estimated savings for the automotive manufacture: $11 million/year. Cost reduction benefit for the Tier Ones and OEM's: $17.5 million/year.

The Fennimore Group Delivers
The Fennimore Group provides change management leadership in designing and deploying best practices within Supply Chain Operations Management that include:

Supply Chain
Global Trade Compliance
Integrated Production Planning

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