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Helping companies achieve continuous improvement, performance measurement,
success criteria definition, and critical self-evaluation.

The Fennimore Group transcends visioning, strategy, design, operations, technology, implementation, and project execution in helping brilliant companies in attaining true excellence.
126 East Wing Street, # 106
Arlington Heights, IL 60004
Tel: 1-800-717-2064

Fennimore Solutions GT Nexus
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Change, especially if it arrives unexpectedly, is never immediately welcome. It introduces uncertainty into your business, and it can cause management, employees and customers to wonder if your company will be capable of fulfilling its promises -- or worse. Focusing on the negative aspects of change can blind companies to the unique opportunities presented when the status quo will no longer be available.

Our mission is to quickly assess the threats and opportunities presented by change, and to develop a strategy that maximizes opportunities. We provide work scope definitions, benefit analysis, planning models, leadership (program management), process mapping, visioning design, and managed work execution. We take extremely specific measures for each project using an end-to-end approach beginning with visioning. Our steps continue through to strategy, roadmap development, execution, and completion. We specialize in a fast track approach providing real-time issue problem resolution.

We also provide monitoring to ensure overall progress, proactive management of roadblocks, and resource planning. Our tools and techniques are rooted in the teachings from the masters of quality process and manufacturing disciplines, enhanced by our own unique application. These include but are not limited to:
  • Providing aggregate planning and project prioritization
  • Ensuring everyone follows defined protocol for scope definition
  • Verifying all work has business value tying back to the project charter and objective
  • Meeting targeted milestones, developing new processes, and introducing best practices
  • Testing and validating tasks that are consistent with directional strategy
  • Executing within a structured, stage gate methodology
  • Reporting project progress timely and effectively

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The key to success is this: a commitment to completing and resolving the daily tasks at hand. We do this by enabling the fledging launch to follow a structured process rooted in skill sets such as: Project Management, Quality Control, Statistical Analysis, and "task to goal" structural applications.

The opportunity for business transformation and architecture within new and established organizations requires balance. This can best be achieved by utilizing the entire intellectual capital of an organization: its relational network of highly compliant, resilient, and adaptable processes, and the best technological mix of software, hardware, and Internet applications available today. 

It's not just about finance: It's about Process Definition, Improvement, Execution, a desire to simplify and streamline decision-making activities, and the necessary work required to delight your customers or investors. Each member of a project remains attached to specific work areas, thereby maintaining continuity throughout all work phases. An integrated, collaborative approach ensures that the best decisions are made and that the dependent tasks are managed effectively.  As work reaches completion we conduct a closeout process, documenting all business value, corrections and learning.

The Fennimore Group Delivers
The Fennimore Group provides change management leadership in designing and deploying best practices within Supply Chain Operations Management that include:

Supply Chain
Global Trade Compliance
Integrated Production Planning

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