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Change Deployment

We have the employee talent, experience, and skills needed to implement a re-engineering plan designed to assist an organization regain its previous glory or exceed new performance levels and investment returns.

We’ve been through the crucible of taking ideas to reality, concepts to market, and visionary plans to functioning businesses. With our uniquely structured hands-on approach, we accelerate completing activities to plan.

Surfacing internal challenges, organizing work processes and aligning an organizational infrastructure enables your business to attain or surpass its goals and objectives.

Using our structured process rooted in Program Management, Quality Control, Statistical Analysis, and “task to goal” applications as an extension of staff, independent of personal or self-promotional interests allows the improvements to take center stage and the main event.

Our roadmap for deploying change is punctuated by an increased speed-to-value-results while maintaining a sharp critical eye on the primary objectives.

Our focus is straight forward, anchored on the fundamentals encountered in running any business:

  • Cash Flow
  • Cash and Inventory Cycles
  • Fixed/Variable Cost Structure
  • Return on Assets, Equity, and Invested Capital
  • Staffing to Revenue Ratio Improvement
  • Administrative (cost of overhead)
  • Embedded Supply Chain Costs
  • Manufacturing/Distribution Costs

As highlighted in our State Gate methodology, advancing to the next level requires the completion of all tasks within the current Stage.

Simply stated, there is no going back once you pass through the gate. This disciplined approach inhibits looking back instead of forward and ensures all required collaboration has been achieved.

Download PDFs below to learn more: