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Sustainable Acquisition – The Fennimore Competitive Advantage

Value Proposition:

Clients recognize the need to achieve distinction by adding an operational (EBITDA, Working Capital, Competitive Positioning and Management Effectiveness) perspective to their evaluation process. Acting as a resource extension to owners and management teams, we provide extensive operational expertise, resources, and tools to assist in maximizing performance.

Two functional applications:

  • Pre-acquisition: winning auctions and avoiding bad deals.
  • Post-acquisition: Identify and implement high-impact profit improvements

We have a relentless, tenacious drive to help our equity clients acquire and build winning companies. Our “advantage” is to quickly identify and effectively quantify the opportunities, attain measurable and sustainable results, and turn them from concept to reality.


  • Lean – Factory and Front Office
  • Sales and Operations Planning
  • Customer, Product and Employee Onboarding
  • Global Sourcing
  • Inventory, Pricing and SKU Strategy
  • Quality Systems / Order Fulfillment
  • Scalability
  • New Product Development
  • CIP / Problem Solving

End-2-End Order Management

  • Lean – Pick / Put-away / Slotting
  • Inventory Strategy, Control and Management
  • Lead time improvement
  • Network Design and Consolidation
  • Logistics and Routing
  • CIP / Problem Solving

Business Services / Energy

  • Lean – Service Delivery
  • Lean – Front Office / Administration
  • Metric Development and Usage
  • Logistics / Routing
  • Inventory Management
  • CIP / Problem Solving

Health Care

  • Lean – Patient Care
  • Lean – Registration and Collection
  • Lean – Front Office / Administration
  • Global Sourcing and Freight
  • Metric Development and Usage
  • CIP / Problem Solving