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IT Systems Optimization

Deployment specialists enabling:

  • Process Re-engineering & Transformation
    • The “go-to” source for strategy and operations execution.
    • Process focused, penetrating market trends and technical developments impacting your business.
    • Operational means to get the job done.
  • Experienced touching all major ERP’s.
  • Functional deployment for all Orders, MRP, and user adoption.
  • Deliver market-driven requirements
    • Customize capability solutions; Greenfield specialists.
    • Attain pristine accuracy within functional data quality.

The single biggest drain on the potential of any IT platform is data quality

The Fennimore Group, has, over the course of our near quarter century, developed specific expertise in near perfect compliance to required “universal adapters” that must be installed and used within a data platform used to display pristine data quality on a point to point basis.

Our long history of developing near perfect compliance, enables…

The Results: Clear, Concise Global Order Management, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Event Control & Visibility.